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November 1, 2022


Living Folk Religions

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Humans of HDS

“Intention makes the whole difference. If you want to do something different, ask a different question. Explore a different path within your field or outside, and ask yourself, ‘What is my intention?’”

Union of the Divine: Interview with Dr. Sravana Borkataky-Varma

Spring 2021
In this Interview, Palaver managing editor Deepal Patel invites Dr. BorkatakyVarma to a conversation about her journey, interrelations between Hindu mythologies, folklore and insight into the human connections with the universe and each other. They palaver about topics that range from clairvoyance to lucid dreaming, from folk Hinduism to spirituality, and from isolation to connection.

Journal Articles

Red: An Ethnographic Study of Cross-Pollination Between the Vedic and the Tantric

International Journal of Hindu Studies; Special Issue, 2019

The Ancient Elusive Serpent in Modern Times

International Journal of Dharma and Hindu Studies , 2016


Wiley Blackwell, 2014

Hinduism Beliefs & Practice: Major Deities and Social Structures

Deities and Social Structure is an accessible and comprehensive book that gives readers a wide window into the complex world of Hindu religion. The book has a well laid structure wherein the sections nicely tie in to each other. All eleven chapters and the subsections within them have a consistent style: they start with a bird's eye view and progressively lead the reader to a deeper understanding of the subject...

Christopher Partridge ed., Introduction to World Religions

Religious Studies Review, volume 40, issue 2

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